2019 Endoscope, USB camera for SAMSUNG, LG, SONY

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Description de 2019 Endoscope, USB camera for SAMSUNG, LG, SONY

This app allows you to capture and save videos from any USB-camera or an Endoscope with HD image quality.
Product features:
• can connect wide variety of USB cameras to the gadget
• can connect android endoscopes to the gadget
• can save as photos as video files recorded from the cameras
• languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Russian
1) Most of Huawei gadgets cannot connect a USB camera.
2) The app does NOT SUPPORT Android 9 yet.
The recording can begin:
1) When you press a special button on the screen (green button)
2) By motion detector
3) By the sound detector (you can just shout out loud and the recording will start)
4) Scheduled
How does it work?
1) Videos. To start video recording you need press big button in the left top side of the screen.
2) Photos. To make the photo you need click "photo" icon in the right top side of the screen.
There are certain requirements so you can connect the gadget to an external USB camera.
1) Check that your gadget can support USB OTG. This means that you can connect different peripheral devices (e.g., USB flash drive, USB-disk, etc.) to your gadget via USB.
2) USB camera must support UVC standard. This means that that USB camera can be used in Android.
3) A high-quality micro USB OTG cable must be used to connect the USB camera and gadget. This means that this cable should not be very long - the shorter the cable, the better.
Why the screen is black?
Let's say your gadget supports the OTG function and the USB camera is compatible with ANDROID. But the screen remains black.
Why? The reason may be in that you don't choice "Use by default for this USB device" in the dialog box.
This professional app can perform actions for which it is necessary to obtain permissions from the user. For example:
1) The app can use the camera to record video & audio
2) The app can record multimedia video files in a separate folder (archive)
3) The app can use a microphone to record sound
To function normally, the app must obtain permissions from the user to perform these actions. This is done at the moment when the corresponding dialog box appears in front of the user. In this window, the system asks the user whether it is possible to give the permission to do something (for example, use a camera or microphone).

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Version APK 6feb2019
Compatibilité Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Développeur Real.Visor
Politique de confidentialité https://yadi.sk/i/cgfhcGd0MGOEWg

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